“Glass: expression of the spirit” – The “meta-aesthetic” art by Misha Ignis

Ignis AION

April 22nd – May 24th 2013

AION Masterpieces Art Gallery

(Mon-Fri, 09:00-12:30 / 14:00-18:30)

Notenstein Private Bank, via Canova 12, Lugano

(by appointment only, tel. +41 91 912 11 11)

The powerful glassworks by Misha Ignis, a Serbian artist now based in Holland, should be considered as a pure expression of the spirit that goes beyond the mere agreeableness of the sensory perception of the material which they are made of.

AION Masterpieces is proud to present an exhibition collecting unique glassworks, belonging to the artist’s private collection. Ignis chose personally the artworks exhibited as the most representative pieces of his thirty-year-long artistic career.

“It is purely THE SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE, liberated from all other mental, psychological and conceptual simplifications. That is the reason I am inclined to call that state, the state of Ethic experience, and my work ‘THE ART OF ETHICS'” (Misha Ignis)

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